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11-17-2012, 11:02 AM
The main problem is that in Trek cruisers are the biggest and baddest kids on the block. It is a cruiser universe.

Escorts like the defiant only look that way because they are shown beating up smaller ships.
Remember the battle with the Lakota? A 80 year cruiser with a noname crew against the hero Worf commanded defiant. and all he managed was a stalmate.
Ingame? defiant is a death machine that can tank exceptionally well.

The super bug ship? they are just better fighters, once their special weaponry was equalized with adapted shields they went straight to cannon fodder material unless they rammed their way through the screen. Even stronger then the defiant.

And the list goes one.

Ships are setup to be mostly equal in power, even when they are not. You can fit the same weapons on all ships, even when some of those weapon systems are bigger then the entire ship they are fitted on. MK12 phaser array on a shuttle? Escort? no problem, whiel that array is bigger then those ships by itself.

Same number of weapon systems, basically, while cruisers can sport 8, escorts get 7 and sci ships 6. While in Trek cruisers have more like 2-4 times as many as an escort.

And the list goes one.

Make all ships equal is the problem.