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Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post
I Shall give that ago, thankyou!

However, i know it's not tailored for max DPS, but i want it that way because i don't really like cannons, they don't feel "Trek" to me, hence why i've chosen phasers. (Except the one the ship comes with, because they have 480dps and that's flipping nice)

About my tactical consoles... I didn't think they where "All over the place"

Chronitons don't do much raw damage, but they are so pretty, so that's why i have the XII console for them.The Directed energy manifold is a boost to all energy damage, i'm using that because the phaser relays are expensive, and it boosts my Quantum focus phaser by a little.

And there is a very highly detailed weapon plan on my ship, prettiness :3 (Although i'm going to get quantums.)

Thanks for the feedback, i'll definitely take your advice on BoFF powers into account!
I'm sure "prettiness" is a great quality of a ship setup. However, when you have trouble with a ship, I believe that surviving is more important.

In order to survive, you can do two things. Destroy things quickly. Be tougher than enemies. Best way is to do both (Destroy hostile targets before they can destroy you).

Therefore you need both a good defense plan and a good attack plan.

As for specifics, I'd go with USSUltimatum's advice.

To that I can add that with help of two purple Conn officer doffs (of the type enhancing Tac team), or one purple/one blue, you can do away with one copy of Tac team and slot another Torpedo skill.
If not using torps, forget about this (you'll have nothing else to slot instead of Tac team). Also, exchange the advised TS 2 for an Attack pattern Beta.
With help of three blue or better quality (some players swear 2 purples are very sufficient as well) Damage Control engineer doffs, you can get virtually full uptime on each used Emergency power while only using one copy. Then you could change one of your EPtS 1 to EPtAux 1 or EPtEng 1 to get a nice bonus in chosen subsystem.

I guess you'd get several copies of the Aux-based DHCs (by dissmissing and reclaiming the ship while keeping the DHC), therefore you don't really need Weapons power (just for turrets), ---that's why I didn't include EPtW 1 to previous point---.
Therefore, set max power to auxiliary (main weapons and your sci abilities), the rest, I'd go with shields, personally.
(Still, that's one thing where perpetual adjusting is helpful, you can save 4 presets and choose the most appropriate in any given situation. Like giving more punch to turrets --wep. power-- when unable to bring Aux-DHCs to bear and not needing sci powers. Or giving full power to engines and shields when escaping doom.)

Don't forget that your hangar pets can also play a meaningful role. Like runabouts slowing and holding enemies (if you don't need to chase enemies around, you generally don't need that much engine power, for example).

I think that's it from me. Following that, you should get a decent and easy to use build.

However, there are great many ways of playing sci ships while staying more or less useful on the field of battle and enjoying it. (I think more possibilities than on other types of ships.)
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