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11-17-2012, 11:12 AM
This is one tough little ship.

Especially when equipped right, you can get some really nice shields on this little steamer...

Originally Posted by innuwarrior View Post
I bought it, nice little tank. I use it with my engineer toon and love it. Great DPS, shield mod isn't such a problem with maco xii and 1 field gen, 9.7k shield. 34500 hull translate to over 46k with my skills in space.
I am not an Engineer toon... I'm a TAC, but added some engineer skills for improving shields and hull... and that helps a lot with survivability...

I also don't have any MACO gear, but I've got a Field Generator stacked with a SIF, Emitter Amp, and Field Emitter, all MK XI consoles in either uncommon or rare quality. Throw in a couple of RCS's... and holymoly, this ship is faaast, agile... and she turns on a dime!

Took my little Steamer out to Kerrat and tried her out against some klinks and I gotta say I was damned impressed!

Only real complaint that I have though... is the Hull Colors!

They're too damn dark! Sure, they look great in the ship yard, and once you're in sector space they look fine.

But then when you get into Deep Space, there must be some sort of bug cause once there the hull colors all look the same and the ship is just so dark. It's almost totally Black... makes me think of a ship running Black Ops cause its painted black to blend in and be hard to see!

It gets worse when you equip the Reman Covariant Shield, which is one of those that changes your hull appearance to make it darker.

Tell me this wasn't intended with the hull colors?