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As we wait for all for our missions to be republished, I was thinking about the rewards that were going to be attached to Featured Missions and how it's been said the devs won't devote time to making unique rewards for them. My thinking is what if they didn't have to, and we did it ourselves.

For those who may not know Team Fortress 2, which I think is both a perfect example of a game going from cost to free to play and how to structure a F2P game, a while ago introduced a system where members of the community could submit both maps and items with stats that are then tested by players and if found good are introduced into the game as official items. While STO doesn't have the modability of a first person shooter, I don't see why we can't have a similar system.

While we wouldn't be able to make models probably, there is still plenty of things we can work with on both the space and ground ends. All we would need would be some kind of standard as to what our reward weapons/Boffs/Doffs can have in terms of strength and go from there.
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