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Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
Not so. To advance in the system, you just need to do Mark missions a couple of times a week. And then log in periodically to start your next set of Rep projects. Getting the gear out of the Reputation stores will require some dedicated time to acquire Dilihtium. But it's not hard is your aren't striving for the full 8K per day. You can easily get 5.5K per day with 1 - 1.5 hours of play time doing the Dilihtium Dailies in Eta Eridai, Breen Daillies, Strange New Wolrds (Exploration Daily) and the Mining daily. If you have more time, you can do the STFs or FAs.
No, this is not what was intended.

DStahl said himself that the purpose of Dilithium changes in Season 7 was so that everyone would refining more than the average of 3000 per day .

I don't know where you guys get this from but I have to spend 20 minutes per Character each day just to make Fleet Marks for the base, I need to add to that Romulan Marks, Dilithium and Omega marks as well as set up my doffs before I can actually do something out of routine... sorry but with 3 Characters and trying to support a fleet, it's just too much.

Lol @ 1.5 hours...

This is an absolute killer for the casual and weekend player as well, everything requires periodically logging in for people who work hard during the week this system is pointless. Then when they get free time on the weekends they have little or nothing to do beyond hollow STF's and scanning rocks.