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It's not a sales pitch - S7 is full of horrible features, and don't try the whole oooh loads of our fans like S7... as to make out the people complaining are a small % and make us feel indifferent, you cant pull the wool over my eyes as I know marketing techniques like the back of my hand sunshine!
I am thankful for all hardwork put into S7 and any attempts to add new content to the game, however in some ways I agree with you too. I think a lot of features were implemented without taking into consideration how the community at large felt about these changes, or if it was considered then the observations were flawed.

Other MMOs make money because they get inside the heads of their players as accurately as possible, and because of this they cater features to the audience as close as possible to their desires. I don't feel like Season Seven abided as well as it should have to community desires.

In the game I am a member of an STF channel, my large sized fleet's cross faction channel, ofcoarse Zone chat, and a few other smaller chats. The chats about season 7 weren't very laced with excitement, actually more so then not they were punctuated with grudgeing speculation both documented and speculated of nerfs and reductions to a lot of the game. Infact no one sounded excited at all about the personal advancement system.

I think the temporal lock boxes add-on was better received then Season 7. At least in the channels I was a member of people said more positive things about the rewards from the lockboxes. It also had people that complained that lockbox chances were too rare to be honest, but imo I thought the TLB Add on was a fantastic add on.

It's probably also a good idea to hold onto some features before releaseing them until the right kind of buzz is around them. Personal Advancement System probably would have been better received if it weren't part of so many changes, it could have been held off until a new lockbox event happened, and then released with it. In this way people who vacation on STO will be around for the new feature and the lockbox event. I supose this is armchair speculation about "what cryptic could have done" but it can be adapted to notes for the future.

In the future PLEASE CRYPTIC: Do marketing surveys. Don't run off into the wild blue yonder with odd add on ideas. And if you have to nerf dilithium to maintain a balance or add dilithium to an event, please do it slowly- observe the results and if neccassary increment another change and repeat until you are happy with the results.

Don't underestimate my interest in this game making money. I have an agenda to help make this game make money so there are more resources to draw from for patches, hardware, and add-ons. Our goal is the same Cryptic.

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