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11-17-2012, 11:50 AM
Pets are part of the game and have always been part of Star Trek canon. Just because the ingenuity of movie and show makers didn't proceed far down that road doesn't mean it isn't Star Trek or canon. At least 2 of the major motion pictures featured Klingons using targs, 1 used the white horned furry mastiff beast, and STO Targ Handlers make it the standard, so the "not Star Trek" whining is pointless.

Epohhs exist only here and probably cater to PWEs silly little manga East Asia style. They have absolutely NO place in Trek yet development time was put into them instead of targ content that was asked for.

For the Fed/KDF balance issue, well, so what? The Fed side gets tribbles and their advantages and maybe mugatos. KDF gets targs. Problem solved. It isn't all about this fictitious myth of "fair play" called balance. That is arbitrary game rules. Such arbitrary concerns damage MMO immersion.
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