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11-17-2012, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by cptniteuser View Post
Fleet projects at a standstill all over the place why?


Anyone what to buy a Tier 2.5 Fleet?

because me and my fleet members don't like the endless slave labor we are bribed into anymore. Our smaller fleet of about 10 active players went to 1 active player since endless FM grinds became active, because they not like the GRIND JOBS and QUIT, its just not fun any more!

Players are now put in grinder thanks!

Save the game : Please lower the fleet mark required to complete projects based on active fleet members.
Best suggestion I saw put forward and regrettably I can't remember the forumites name was to have officer of the watch daily provide 50 fleet marks instead of 5.

I also agree with the idea of reducing fleet mark requirements as has been done with dilithium requirements.

My fleet size is about the same and were at a standstill as regards projects been completed. Everything is filled for the most part except for fleet marks. On 4 projects. We were halfway through our mk 3 industrial fabricator upgrade so completing that is sat there too.

This release has been a complete farce with no balance or thought. As for trying to push us into buying dilithium with zen, I just don't think dilithium is worth the price you can buy with zen right now.

All the time upping the ante on what you require dilithium for. I can hardly begrudge players saving there hard earned dilithium for themselves when so much more needs it from the reputation systems. Which means starbases are hung on dilithium even more. Soon as we get fleet marks boosted give it a few days and wait for more posts about dead fleets because of dilithium.

Why has dilithium not been added to Fleet Alert, or Starbase Blockade. I count those as fleet actions, names kinda on the tin isn't it?