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11-17-2012, 12:06 PM
Maybe I'm looking at this wrong but could someone explain to me how this makes any sense.

For what use to be a mission reward now you have to:
a.) spend the time/dil/marks/stuff to get to rank one
b.) do a project that takes 1hr to "get" rank 1
c.) drop 500 marks, 15000 dil, stuff and wait 1d 16hr
d.) ???
e.) get your ex-mission reward (borg console)

This also knocks out of whack all this talk of "it takes x to get to rank 5 if you actually want to get anything along the way. But I digress...

I think somebody went a little crazy with their timers and supplies needed concept.

I did find it interesting that the amount of dil needed was exactly the amount you can refine in two days.

Somebody like me is kind of hosed by this mess. I am in a TINY fleet. like three of us. I recently came back to the game and have been dumping my dil and supplies (including breaking my banks buying supplies) trying to get some progress done with the starbase.

Just seems like they went a little crazy with some of the materials required and time gating.

Hopefully they will revisit the requirements for the gear "projects". And I'll have kittens if after I finish this project it only makes it available in the store and I then have to sink more time/money into actually purchasing it.

But whatever, I'll pay my monthly sub for a little longer I suppose. Or I'll get irritated with all these new timesinks/dil-sinks that atm I'm not overly fond of.