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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
At least 2 of the major motion pictures featured Klingons using targs.
Bit of a nitpick, but, targs never showed up in any of the movies. There's a mastiff in ST-VI and a... thing... which might be a warrigal in ST-III. Targs got mentions in passing since TOS, but the first time one was ever actually shown was in TNG. Regardlee, you're right that they are canon.

Back on topic, targ breeding, or at the very least targ combat pets do make sense. They're canon, they're already fielded by Klingon NPC groups encountered as enemies by Fed players, and we've got that targ breeder already conspicuously set up across from the crafting are on Qo'Nos.

...Personally, I feel that war targs should be an anachronism that stopped being used by the Klingon military before TNG even. Star Trek has a big problem with aggressively grandfathering and retconning stuff across the franchise timeline, creating a statis-quo effect where for centuries nothing actually changes or advances beyond the superficial. Battle targs are one of those things that shouldn't exist beyond the ENT era (and transporters shouldn't exist before TOS, "aztec paneling" shouldn't exist before TMP, etc). But that's just my opinion, and this is an MMO, so it's understandable that lots of compromises have to be made.

In regards to balance, I'd actually prefer that come in a form other than just giving Feds an equivalent pet. Give them a combat ability Klinks can't get, or a craftable weapon class Klinks can't use. Balance things out in a way that creates tactical complexity, not in a ham-fistedly simple force-against-force way.

If you really had to just give Feds some kind of equivalent combat pets, I'd suggest exocomps. That way gives a little bit of tactical trade-off balance (ranged vs. melee), and is more fitting with canon styling than Feds fielding war animals. The combat drones are arguably already similar, but there's a lot you could do with AI, weapons loadout, etc to distinguish them.

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