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11-17-2012, 02:07 PM
Added in the Rearrange HUD thing. I kinda wrote this out really quick and should've proofread it.

If you right click on your Ship Weapons while you are in SECTOR SPACE (you should see a disable astrometrics button somewhere on your UI) then this should work.

I've added both of these to the first post.

Originally Posted by goroda52 View Post
is there a solution when you own only one ship?
it is the case for my kligon (just starting it)
Well for your Klingon character I don't know. If you just started it then try the suggestion in the first post. If it doesn't work for you then you might have to wait until your first ship upgrade (or buy a ship with Zen?).

There have been scattered reports of some bugs when using the 'switch character' function so you might wanna completely close the game, reopen it, then login to your Klingon and try it again. Ignore the 'change character' thing if you're changing to a different faction character.

If none of that works then just remake your Klingon and don't use switch character in the future.

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