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# 349 we giveth and taketh away...
11-17-2012, 01:22 PM
So hilarious btw....
While you all were whining about lack of dil and drops from Elite STFs (when the drops were pure RNG and now you have to actually earn it instead of leaving it to chance)...
The rest of us who were smart enough to find out were farming SB24 for 1400 dil per run.

Well, perhaps that was an exploit right? I still feel that gold subs and lifetime subs should be able to have 16k or 24k of dil to refine per day rather than the current low limit. Why aren't the subs treated better?

Now? Now everyone gets to do dozens of things instead of only a few things. You don't get burnt out on the content as quickly if you're changin it up.

Perhaps instead of exclusively farming Elite STFs for dil, try doing a few other things as well.

Hell, the Academy Event was one of the most profitable dil sources and now its a bit of a joke.