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11-17-2012, 01:23 PM
The TOS Veterans have members that do everything that STO has to offer. Small groups and large groups of people do everything from STF, Foundry Missions, RP, PvP and PVE.

One thing we are very proud of is the quality of our players and the ability to balance casual players along with die-hard gamers that wish to create the perfect PvP and team.

The TOS Veterans - Omega Task Force - PVP Space (Ghost Fleet) has been working on PvP skills and tactics for over a year now trying to create the 'perfect' premade PvP team. With ongoing consultation with members of the Sad Pandas fleet the Ghost Fleet is working on building a 3 team PvP team that will be a force to be reckoned with.

Originally Posted by Vex
I think that there are some players out there that are more than capable of doing this sort of thing. We just need a few of you to step up to the plate, fill out an application and see if you can do it not only against the other premade team but against other fleets teams as well. We are at a point where can hold our own against SOB and Sad Pandas. We don't win yet but we give them a good fight and that's some very nice progress.
Now something that I would like to bring up is that TEAMWORK means much much much more than gear and ability.

So if you over 30 years old, are someone that is interested in PvP and is willing to work on your build and skills for the sake of the team and willing to take orders from the team leader then you may have just taken the first step to having some PvP fun!

Join the TOS Veterans and let us know that you are interested in joining the Ghost Fleet in your online application.
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