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11-17-2012, 01:33 PM
My setup:Engineer

Fore: 3x Fleet Polaron Dual Heavy 1xFleet Polaron Dual Beam bank
Aft: 3x Fleet Polaron Turret
Deflector: jem'hadar
Engine: jem'hadar
Shield:jem'hadar -- Maybe play with some other option here!?
Eng console: assimilated,2x neutronium and the ENHANCED PLASMA MANIFOLD
Sci console: field gen
Tac console: 5x polaron
Devices:Sub Space Field Modulator,Large weapon batts

LUS:Science 2x TSS
LUS:Borg Engineering EPS 1&2
Commander tac: TT1,APB1,APO1,CRF3
Lt Comm tac:TT1,CRF1,BAO3
Ens Eng:ET1

3x SDO's (purple)
1x space warfare +10% all damage output (purple)
1xHSO (purple)

The bug is new to me but this seems to work well and i like it, any opinions more then welcome as im sure it could be improved!!
I scored a 37599 hp kill shot on a borg cube 3 days ago with BO3 i like the punch it offers! The shields seem to be a weak point so that could be played with and it dose look awsome with the Aegis set!