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11-17-2012, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
The main problem I see is just that the times are too high for the things to complete, 40 hours, 2 days, too long. They need to cut the time in half, period. Also, the passives being permanent anger me to no end, that should not be that way.
If they half the duration, then they will half the reputation obtained. Great for acquistion projects, but that is the only benefit to it. I seriously doubt the devs would allow us to make 2,800 Reputation each day. If they alter the cooldown, then they will alter the rewards and requirements as well. The main benefit IMO to the 40 hour project is that it is great for casual play and altism. I don't have to log on everyday just every other day to make sure the projects are going.

I would like to see a project, C-Store item, etc that allows for passive powers respec.