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11-17-2012, 01:42 PM
Heres how their current market has affected my spending in game: Ive put Zen on the market for Dilithium. Last I did it I got 320+ dil per Zen. That to me seemed a fair exchange and a lot of Dil for putting real world money into their game. Ive already seen it too good, theres no way Im buying Zen to give to the F2Pers now, not at half the payout my real world cash once got me. They want to make dilithium more valuable? Fine. The way I see it now, my extra cash can go towards expansion packs in other games and new games, instead of spending real world cash for a miniscule time shortcut of acquiring dilithium for the gear I want. And since PvP sucks in STO where only the top gear guys survive, I stick with PvE. And Im in no real hurry to fully deck out my ship and crew just so I can kill NPCs a few seconds faster. When I spend cash in this game now, it will be for the rare Z store item I want. Ive never been tempted by Lockboxes and never will be.

I'll tell you what Cryptic, I dont buy lockboxes, but I do buy the occasional ONE key to throw on the market for a million+ EC. But since you've let EC get out of hand, my one key I give to the poor in this game buys me less EC. EC prices need to be capped in this game. Its ridiculous when I see mark VI gear and lower going for several hundred thousand EC. I say there needs to be a multiplier cap that wont let the exchange allow you to sell an item for more than 10 times or something its listed EC value. So if Cryptic says something is worth 10,000 EC, then it can NEVER be sold for more than 100,000 EC on the exchange.

But maybe Im a rare smart consumer of this game and they still havnt exhausted their supply of suckers selling zen at current dil prices. Its just a game, its not gas for my car or food on my table or clothes on my back. I will NOT let this game's economy dictate how much more money it gets out of me. As a paying customer, I pay on MY terms. And when my terms arent met, I happily just grind dil slowly with everyone else, enjoying the game for months at a time without giving them a dollar.
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