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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
I'm fairly sure Captain Krueg's pet in "the Search for Spock" was a targ.
It was referred to as a "monster dog" in the script and during production. Looking at Memory Alpha, it appears that the first reference to a "targ" was in TNG. The films are quasi-counted on the notion that the "monster dog" and mastiff might be breeds of targ, but IMO that's BS: they're obviously physically not just completely different species, but different family. It'd be like assuming that real world dogs and cats were breeds of pig, because, y'know, humans keep both a domesticated animals.

I've never really understood the need to consolidate and conceptually inbreed overlapping elements that don't conflict with each other. It reduces realistic variety and makes the universe in question feel smaller and more stagnant . Star Wars does this a lot too.

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