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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
I love fanservice, I have it in my sig. But considering that's a Vulcan? Highly illogical Captain.
I believe I have read through enough of the thread...
Speaking as a heterosexual male, I don't have a problem with revealing outfits. All the women in your signature are lovely in their own way regardless of the cheesecake outfits. People of both genders and a variety of orientations have different tastes, duh. I've met female friends in game that don't mind making their avatars look 'pretty' or have huge boobs.

My problem is not with the sexualization but moreso for the bad artwork involved. That tired lifeless cold glazed-over look in the eyes. That phaser pointed the wrong way while she's looking at the audience. Those heeled boots (really? really!?) and those pips that we can't even get in the C-store.

My personal problem specifically with that artwork is the posing of the 'phaser lady'. Her posing is wrong, looks uncomfortable and unnatural, and is just terribad.
This is the internet. If I want boobs I do a quick search and I have more boobs of every color/shape/size/type that I could ever want.

You don't do a service to your game by stupidly trying to capture a certain market segment that would have no interest in Star Trek. I did a thread on 'why STO is awesome' and basically every reply was 'the big honking ships'.

Personally though, my sex life is fantastic enough that I'd actually feel better with a sexy curvy starship (perhaps the Vesta?) featured prominantly in the foreground instead. OOoooooo dem curves =D