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11-17-2012, 02:46 PM
Pffft...I am the only "active" member left in my Fleet...My Security Chief Fred (Breen Boff)...launched alll the AWOL "inactives" out the #6 air lock when they didnt come back after 6mos or longer. Now its just me and a few of the founding "inactive" members left.

With that said...I have been building my Star Base and it is almost complete (Tier 1) by myself. I have also been helping with 2 other Star Bases that my Alts belong too. I have well over 100 million ECs in the bank, Omega/Maco MK XII space equipment 1 on an Heavy Crusier PvPer and 1 on a Heavy Destroyer STFer, 115 outfits, over 30 Boffs on my main, 16 alts and 20+ "well" outfitted ships.

Allmost all the Trophys you can get, 8.7 million Latnium bars, 8600+ accolade pts and the list goes on.

So what does all this mean to the Player base or the Dev's?...not a damn just means I am having fun and not worried about how long it will take to build my Star Base or Embassy or Tier 5 rep or anything else.

I am not in the dilth Rat Race. I buy dilth when I need to, mostly for the SB projects ie: Morn and the dance floor. But if the floor falls out of the dilth market I wont be buying dilth anymore either.

In closing, if you are a small fleet, you choose to be and have to live with an "I cannot have it all today" attitude. The game is built for Med/Lrg Fleets, allways has been, nothing has changed in that regard. There is no more "get to the end game" in 3 days or less anymore because of LOTS more content and I like slow down and enjoy some of the things STO has to offer.

Happy Hunting...
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