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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
whats wrong with it?

well, my little escort pilot brain can think of about a million reasons why this is the new top escort in the game. or at least on par with the bug.

it spells bad juju for sci ships and cruisers. and more fun for me! (i think i'll go get that steam sub now)

have fun kill bad guys
New top escort, eh? Compare the Fleet Patrol Escort to the Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit. The Steamrunner has 400 more base hull, 0.01 more shields, and an 0.01 higher impulse modifier. The console layout is identical and the bridge officer layout just swaps the Lt. Science for Lt. Eng and the Ensign universal for ensign science. Personally, I believe the Fleet Patrol Escort is still the better ship.

Now, compare the Fleet Patrol Escort to the bug ship. The bug ship has 400 more base hull, 0.01 higher shields, and 0.02 higher impulse modifier. The console layout swaps out a science slot for an extra tactical slot, giving the ship more firepower. What makes the bug the top escort is the turn rate to hit point ratio. With a turn rate of 20, the ship is 4 higher than a fleet patrol escort and 3 higher than a fleet defaint, or 1 less than a Klingon Bird of Prey. The bird of prey actually takes a shield (0.8) and hull penalty (25K) in order to get the extra edge in space combat. If the Jem'hadar ship had 27,000 hull and 0.9 shields, the ship would be balanced. Sadly, money talks and such a change isn't likely to happen. Due to the fact that it is overpowered, many escort captains will buy huge a huge number of duty officer packs to obtain the ship.