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11-17-2012, 02:15 PM
Originally Posted by gaalom View Post
This is not about casual vrs hardcore. In the old system it would take some one 3 days at max to get the Bog set. So already after 3 days you have your borg set. Now it will take someone close 8 days to get a borg set for there toon. The only thing that was keeping you so called casuals from doing stfs was yourself. No one and I mean no one was pointing a gun to your head and saying do stfs. To further the point with this new system however we are being told you must stop now for this amount of days before you can go further. Does that sound right to you casuals? How would you react if the devs said to you, you must now do 3 elite stfs every day?

This new system did not make things casual friendly it only added restrictions to everyone, and destroyed the end game pve content.

Well besides all the other stuff with the rep system...this casual hates being forced into doing elites. I'm not interested in elites, but I have to do them for MXXII gear.

I don't want to be in elites, and elite regulars don't want me there.