Thread: Epohhs? Why?
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11-17-2012, 02:24 PM
For the record, I don't have any issue with Epohhs, either as wildlife, as pets, or as original game creations.

As wildife:
Cool. We've got lots of alien world covered with their own flora, but no fauna. Reasons why are obvious: fauna take more dev time and system resources. It's nice to have some more around, so this is welcome. Backstory seems a bit cutesy-wutesy, but it's a big damn galaxy crammed to the ears with life, so it's not really unlikely, statistically, that something like that would exist somewhere.

As pets:
Sure, why not? Data kept a cat, Archer had a beagle, doesn't seem unlikely that there weren't other offscreen pets around, at lest in TNG era (on earlier ships it seems more likely it would be a single unofficial "ships mascot" sort of deal, but later ones were more... luxurious). Seems an unlikely sort of pet for a Klingon, but how easy is it to imagine Elaan of Troyius carrying around a little Paris Hilton dog?

As original creations:
Saw them running around on New Romulus. Couldn't make out much other than a ball of fur and three green eyes. They made me think of bugs for some reason, rather than dogs or cats. Seems okay, don't really see the alleged anime/asian connection. I have no problem with Cryptic adding new stuff to the Star Trek universe on principle. Given all the different worlds and freedoms in the game (and the need to add more with time). the game would get pretty samey if they were limited to only preexisting materials. Not to mention the problems of so many different worlds all across the galaxy, established and "new" alike, all conspicuously sharing the same "native" flora and fauna. Open world means they pretty much have to be free to create original stuff in order to properly flesh things out.