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11-17-2012, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
The Voyager bridge was awful.
No it wasn't. It's not as good as the Defiant but it's about equal to the Sovereign, and all three are really well designed sets in my opinion.

They couldn't even build a set that allowed the female captain to sit in the center of the bridge, as if they were too afraid of the implications.
This is such a bone-headed reason why I am not sure how to respond to it. I mean come on, if they were really that sexist they wouldn't have gone with a female captain anyway.

It sure beats the whole TNG style bridge, which has Picard sit next to the ship's therapist.

'Counselor, do you sense any impressions from the bad guys?'

'They're obviously lying to us, but about what I don't know.'

'Thank you that was very helpful.'