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11-17-2012, 04:36 PM
Just goes to show there are trolls even in the most serious of topics.

Season 7 is a game killer. That's not hyperbole. It literally has killed the game for about half of us.

If you don't agree, then you may continue playing the now-empty servers all you want. You may continue paying money to a greedy company intentionally driving a game into the ground. Have fun! I can also offer to kick your crotch for the low low price of $5 per kick! Act now because next month it goes up to $20 for 2 kicks!

So, yeah. Have fun. The rest of us with actual mores and standards will not be with you.

This original post as well as so so many others (even those deleted/hidden by the forum mods) are quite appropriate. The devs are at such a disconnect with their playerbase that it has become catastrophic. I haven't logged in for days, and I normally play each of my 4 characters a little bit each day. I am not alone.

The discontent has grown so great I don't even think removing ALL of the patch and reverting to purely Season6 code would help. The damage is done. The last veil of legitimacy on the part of the game devs has been shed. They are PWE shills, nothing more.