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AFKers and leechers who do nothing except sit at spawn in pvp and wait for it to end so they can finish their dilithium missions has always been a problem, but has gotten worse in s7 due to dil being harder to earn other ways

Yesterday while doing cap and hold I had 2 AFKers on my team, both from the same KDF fleet so it was me and one other person left taking on 4 Feds, we did well for being outnumbered 2 to 1 but eventually lost. Next match the same 2 people were there being useless again but at least the Feds had 2 AFKers also so it was balanced, but still 5 on 5 is more fun then 3 on 3.

Besides these people I see a few other regular AFKers both on KDF and Fed side caring nothing about the fact they are griefing everyone else who is out there to actually play the game.

Something needs to be done about this, both AFKers need to be penalized, and dil needs to be easier to earn outside of pvp I think.