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11-17-2012, 04:44 PM
I know of a Fleet star cruiser user who takes the tac cubes torp so it will boost the DPS done to the cube.

But thats a unbelievable tanky ship with and insane tanking skill speck on the pilot. It can take an elite Dontra thalaron blast point blank and then heal up to full in seconds. Moral of story is hull resists are hard to get up in the high numbers but on a engi cruiser with maco shields and skill cycling will do it and that crit high yeald might drop the ship to 3/4 health and a low shield facing, which is going to go right back to full in the next two skills. Thats what those torps are balanced against, your escort with a single epts1 and Brace on cooldown just dont get hit by that you wont live.