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# 242 STF's Gripe
11-17-2012, 04:58 PM
Ok I know the Devs don't seem to listen to players who don't pay to play but here goes anyway.First, even if I were paying to play the game after this last update I'd quit paying and quit playing one of my characters lost over 90k life time fleet credit and I submitted a bug report as well as a ticket in game (both were done day before yesterday) and I still have not heard back from the GMs or any other person with authority on the matter. Then to day I notice that if you're not lvl 50 it doesn't matter how many omega marks you earn you can't access them. So why bother with stf's they're not that important (yes that was sarcasim) you only do them 10 or 15 times a day for the hell of it not because you want the gear or anything. Nha the Mk x - Mk XII equipment isn't that important to anyone (yes that was all sarcasim). But like I said at the beginning of this reply I really don't expect any kind of response because I quit believing the fairy tale that Devs actually got threw the replies and that they all matter they don't matter the devs never check they just expect you to check what they post.