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Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
Agreed, why look at the character stats from a month ago. If it doesn't update as you go it's pointless. I don't use Tribble enough to know if it updates with the Tribble character or not. It's currently not very useful.
It does update in real time, it's just it's in beta right now so it's only linked to Tribble characters. When it goes live, it will track in real time all of your characters on the Holodeck server.

I disagree with people saying that it needs access to doing DOFF missions, it is not a replacement for the game, this is NOT FARMVILLE. If you want to play the game, you go into the game. Gateway will be handy for checking your characters configs, inventories etc without having to go in and switch through them all.

That may not seem like much to those with one or two characters, but for those of us with many characters, it will be handy. I've got 9 toons, all but 2 of them are at level cap and it can be a real pain having to switch in and out of them all trying to find the one that has a specific item or credit that I need.

The one possible feature I would like to see added, is access to the Mail system, since that used to be available on the website and it was a handy thing to have outside of the game.
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