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11-17-2012, 05:19 PM
You make an excellent point.

To further your point, I'll expand upon the reputation system, right now you can easily get omega marks from a few elite STFs, and then you are good to go for a week or two of doing projects. What is happening is that people are setting up rep projects, and then just logging off for 2 days while they run.

The new rep system has inherently created a lesser need to spend time in the game and play end game content like STFs. Therefore, they have actually reduced end game gameplay further. I was playing more STFs pre-F2P and post-F2P than I am post-S7, and I think that is true for most people. Dilithium rewards have been reduced, and there are no loot drops, the only reason for playing them is for BNP and marks. I think Cryptic needs to evaluate how long reputation projects take, IMO 20 hours for one project is more appropriate rather than 2 days.

I just posted in zone chat that I added new rep projects, so now I'll just log off for 2 days while they complete, heh.
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