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Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
It's good, but it gets repetitive. Once you've done everything, you've done everything, and then its just a grind. It's pretty and awe inspiring and exciting for a few hours, then it gets old quick. That feeling you are feeling, will wear off quickly.
true but that doesnt mean they cant add more on that map.Open ground pvp in the forest ,...I dont know ,let them give a [something] as reward for ideas and you will see how that map turns into the best place in gamming industry....remember that people have creativity.

Now they need to rework how people share zones.70 people in one zone on esd is alot but on that map that number is not big.Today I though everyone abandoned the game and when I looked at the number of zones I realized that people still exist but the game sends them when no man has gone before :p

Also some tailor and shipyard would be good there because it would make people stay in that zone .That is good because I like the map :p

Last but not least ...doff chains.....that area (by that i mean the entire new sector) needs doff chains .For example it can be an orientated on diplomacy (help remans ...would be in the theme) and get a purple romulan diplomat at the end of chain plus lots of diplomacy cxp which atm take alot to get .

As for story...Im sure the new FE will be in that sector dont have to be nostradamus to know that.