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11-17-2012, 05:57 PM
The really sad thing is.....I have to agree with the OP.

To nynik: at the start of every Season there is always an increase of people logging on to check out the changes,it doesn't mean that all those people will log on for a second or third time.And with the way things are going in this Season up till now (granted,the Season is still young) it's not looking good.

We have seen how big changes to a game can drive people away for good,and lets face it,the changes in how we earn and spend our Dilithium are changes that affect all of us in a big way.People are now forced to play the game in ways Cryptic wants us to play,play the content they want us to play.And it leaves not a whole lot of time to have fun playing the content we enjoy in ways we enjoy.That's the main thing I hear people complain about: I don't have fun playing the game anymore,it's a second job with poor pay.