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Ever get tired of trading duty officers back and forth like trading cards, never getting any decent ones? Wouldn't it be nice for the duty officer system to provide more useful changes to the way you play?

A duty officer overhaul isn't needed to do this. The solution is simple!

Duty Officer XP. For every Duty Officer mission successfully completed, you're awarded a little of this experience.

Common Mission: 1 XP
Uncommon Mission: 2 XP
Rare Mission: 5 XP
Very Rare Mission: 10 XP

When you have enough XP stored away, you can apply it to a duty officer of your choice to promote him from one rarity to the next!

Common to Uncommon: 100 XP
Uncommon to Rare: 250 XP
Rare to Very Rare: 500 XP

I think it would be a nifty idea. I posed it to my fleetmates, and they seemed to agree! Discuss.