Thread: Epohhs? Why?
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11-17-2012, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
Epohhs. Little Martian doggies with fuzzy antennas with all of the appeal of a Paris Hilton chihuahua blinged in a handbag. How "precious".

KDF players have been asking for a meaningful pet like a targ and a targ breeding program for a long while. They have access to the Tribble research program which makes no sense as Tribbles are detested by Klingons and outlawed in KDF space.

But what do we get instead of Targs? Epohhs? Why? This makes little real sense.

Please develop Targs as a combat pet and a Handler Kit for KDF only.

that would be nice. i would love a targ combat pet and a pet slot next to devices.

ever since i came to play this game, its always puzzles me why do they keep
adding non combat pets, they are useless.

would be nice for non combat pets to go pick up loot, make them useful.