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11-17-2012, 07:31 PM
The problem is that we can`t do anything about AFK-ers in the game, i wouldn`t like to see dil mission removing from the game bcs that would be just an idiotic move. Why? Bcs i think a lot of REAL PvPers are also farming dil that way, including me. And i`m not going afk bcs i love doing PvP (altho PvP in this game needs help from dear Lord to be more fun and balanced)

My idea is to add idle timers to each player that is doing some team mission, pvp, stf or what ever.. So let say some1 is afk 120 seconds, that person would be automaticly removed from the map (next Qued person would join), get 1h or 30min ban from Qing ALL team missions, again stf, fleet mark event etc. etc. I thing idle timer or sth like that would make ppl PLAY the game, not just enter the mission and be total C***t and let all other player do all hard work for him!

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