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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
kikanass please can you post more info on you build skill points, boffs and consoles too please as it sound like you have a good build.
thank you
Sure thing, but First let me state that this build is primarily used for missions and STF's. I have done a little pvp with it, but hard to judge whether or not it can work as I usually pug pvp and always seem to end up against premades that just own everyone in sight quickly

My captain is a sci and the build I'm using is at:

I run the following weapons and gear currently until I get better gear:

3x Aux Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]
3x Phaser Turret Mk XI [Acc] [Dmg]x2

4x Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay Mk XI
1x Console - Science - Field Generator Mk XI
1x Console - Engineering - RCS Accelerator Mk XI
1x Console - Universal - Assimilated Module
1x M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII
1x Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines Mk XI
1x Assimilated Deflector Array Mk XI
1x Hangar - Advanced Peregrine Fighters or Hangar - Advanced Danube Runabouts depending on the situation or STF

And I run all 3 of the vesta consoles

For Duty officers I currently run
4 rare and 1 very rare duty officers. The Rare officer is a:

Flight deck officer that increases pet accuracy by 25% in intercept mode.

The 4 rae officers are:

1x Warp core engineer
1x Damage control engineer
1x Gravimetric scientist
1x Sensors Officer (Thinking of switching this for a second Damage Control Engineer)

My power settings I will be a little vague on cause what you set them at will depend on how many efficent BO's you have and whether your captain has efficient trait, but basically I set aux so that it's maxed at 125 then put all the rest of my power into shields.

With the above build and loadout I have done anywhere from 3.5k to much as 6k dps depending on what other members are in my group (with a good tac captain in group that uses his Tactical Fleet buff as often as possible to buff the group then dps is of course higher).

Feel free to offer your opinions on it or suggestions I'm open to improving on this build, but so far it's proving to be very effective for STF's.

Oh and for those that say the Vesta can't take a hit, I beg to differ. My engineer is a Regent takes heavy damage if he's standing still and gets torped and even sometimes dies if it crits for 60k+ as has happened many times, but my vesta with the above build can stand toe to toe with a tac cube from about 5k away and tank it like a champ and survive and dish out lots of dps while doing so .

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