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11-17-2012, 08:35 PM
wouldn't it be funny if this were just the tip of the iceberg? i wonder how appreciative you woud be of the new system if the following was implemented:

1. upgrade times increase as tiers get higher. i.e. tier 2 upgrade = 2 hours, tier 3 = 4 hours, tier 4 = 8 hours, tier 5 16 hours

2. equipment requisitions require previous mark for upgrade. to upgrade to a mk xi maco armor, you would first need the mk x armor

3. equipment upgrade times increase as mk increases

seeing as how we will not find out any of this, until someone reaches tier 2 and subsequently, tier 3, would it surprise you if this were the case?

in all the estimates that i've done before, i've assumed that it was a baseline standard across the board. it might be the case, it might not be the case. if this is the content that is supposed to make up the majority of what's to do before season 8, it stands to reason that with subsequent tiers comes subsequent project time increases. the dreaded 40 hour waiting period between projects might just be the tip of the iceberg.