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1. and 3. wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience. 2. Would be a game quitter for lots of people interesting in reputation which is why I think it won't happen. The reputation system is so much like the fleet advancement systems that I believe that 1. is very possible and 3. won't happen since the Tier 1 Fleet Requistion projects are the same cooldown as the Tier 3 Fleet Requistion projects. Therefore, I believe that all projects will have a maximum duration of 40 hours and you don't need to purchase Mk X equipment to get Mk XII equipment.
seeing as how starbase 1 required 20 hours and starbase 2 requires 4 days, point 1 is not that far fetched. points 2 and 3 can still be in play, because the fleet requisition projects are akin to unlocking the tiers of the store, rather than the construction of the actual item. it's not like you can progress through the whole system and just go for the tier 5 shipyard. you have to progress through tier 1, 2, 3 and 4. thus, the basis of my assertion. the adapted armor sets require an existing mk xii set before it can be fabricated, thus proving point 2 can very well happen.

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