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^ This, precisely. I have to strongly suspect that the majority of the Feds crying for a battle cloak have never played KDF in a BOP. I do, regularly... more than I play Fed side. And I LOVE my Hegh'Ta. But even in the KDF it get's more scathing reviews than glowing ones because it takes a very unique play style. In return for the Battle Cloak you give up quite a bit in shield/hull points. While cloaked you regen but slower than when not cloaked. The battle cloaking BOP is an Alpha striker, period. Get in, kill 'em, then get the hell outta dodge ASAP. Even in the KDF there are more who never manage to acquire the knack than do. I also fly a Defiant, Fed side and love it as is. It has better hull/shield support. It can be squishy, but nothing like a BOP. You willing to give up hull/shield points for an ability you may never master and might not enjoy even if you did?
Agreed, the BoP only has a certain number of roles it can really be viable in, despite the full universal Boffslots. Technically, you can set up a BoP and toon to have the BoP do anything you want it to. The thing is, there will almost always be a ship that does what you're doing, and does it better. The BoP is a virtual jack-of-all-trades, and that has downsides to it.

The way I see it, there are three basic roles the BoP can really be useful in. One is the hit-and-run alpha-striking combined with the decloak, which requires a sense of timing and a bit of luck. Second, the B'Rel retrofit minelayer/torpboat/sci-spammer. . .again, a build that takes getting used to in terms of playstyle. Third, the regular-BC sci-spammer/healboat. . .take a Hegh'ta and load it up with sci and eng abilities and turn it into a makeshift support vessel that can slow down enemies, shut them down, or debuff them. . .and also throw out a few extends, HEs, and Eng Teams. This would likely be done better by a B'Rel Retro, but a Hegh'ta can manage it.

The BoP almost always has trouble tanking under heavy fire. Lower shield mod, lower hullpoints, low amount of eng console slots. . .you would have to devote quite a few boff ability slots towards tanking skills to make a BoP truly tank well. In the meantime, you lose either DPS ability or you lose the ability to sci-spam/heal others.