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Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
my kar'fi with 8 advanced frigates? that would be the epitomy of overpowered. that would be like stupid overpowered. sorry, but i think there needs to be a better balance pass than this.
And DP-Escorts aren't? 3 DHCs, a pair of turrets and fore/aft torpedoes. Give it about 5 seconds with the right buffs, and the only question you'll be asking is "What enemies?" Tell me... How much firepower does your carrier have with NO advanced frigates? Not much, probably. The Kar'Fi has probably the worst turn rate in the game. You could pop Evasive Maneuvers and barely get to Cruiser turn rate. Yes, the Kar'Fi can have DHCs. But, what's the point if you can't USE them? Beam Spam isn't as powerful as you may have been led to believe. Scatter Volley and Torp Spread 3 on any escort and any enemies in front of you are either dust or about to be. Beam Spam... Congratulations, you have all of the aggro and none of the damage to take anything out. Hope you fixed up your escape pods, you're gonna need them. Even the best tanks die eventually. I would know, I've got a tank. He can suck up a CRAP ton of damage, but he still dies. So does my Chimera.

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*snipped for brevity*
Surprised you there didnt I?
*Good point, but snipped for brevity*
Believe it or not, no. Very little surprises me these days. Good to have the support, though. Who knows? If this DOES pass, you might actually end up flying a different ship once in a while.
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