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11-17-2012, 09:26 PM
My ships are named as follows:
  • ISS Panem (kitbashed Mirror recon science): Both my Mirror Universe ships are named for non-Trek literary villains. This one refers to the evil government of the Hunger Games trilogy.
  • ISS Voldemort (Imperial Mirror cruiser): Named, of course, for the principal villain of the Harry Potter series. (Its registry is NCC-103181, referring to the date he killed Harry's parents.)
  • USS Borgata (Gladius escort): This is the ship I use for Tour The Galaxy and the Borg sector block dailies. It has all my Borg tech on it, so I named it the Borgata (after the Las Vegas casino/hotel) as a tongue-in-cheek reference to that fact.
  • USS Condor (Chimera destroyer): The Chimera is one ugly-@$$ bird, so I named mine (my go-to for most STFs) after another ugly-@$$ bird.
  • USS Kitty Hawk (Atrox carrier): Another tongue-in-cheek name (this time referring to it being a Caitian carrier, which I've custom-built for The Cure STF) ostensibly after the place in North Carolina where the Wright brothers flew the first airplane.
  • USS North Star (Polaris recon science): A throwback to my roleplaying days (years before the name was used for a 22nd-century freighter in ENT). Making it a Polaris-class was a no-brainer, as Polaris is, of course, another name for the northern star.
  • USS Pathfinder (Vesta surveillance): The name of my newest ship refers to both the "Pathfinder Project" from VOY and one of the first Mars rovers.
  • USS Pax Federatica (Science Odyssey): My flagship's name (which in turn inspired my PWE handle) is a play on Pax Britannica.

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