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11-17-2012, 09:41 PM
Originally Posted by tudenom View Post
Yup, I think you nailed it. If the devs added some STF's with a capture and hold component then all of a sudden tank cruisers would be more in vogue. The cruisers could be tweaked a bit to make them a bit more fun to play, but they will almost always take a second seat to DPS machines as things are.

I think the expectations part is the only real reason why we so see so many cruisers flying in sector space. Honestly, I thought STO was going to be a simplified Starfleet Command with an MMO captain, wow was I wrong!
I think there should be STFs tharequire all the specialties. a DPS fest for the escorts, and then STFs where engineers/cruisers are required and finally one that is sci power required.