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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Slight problem with 2. Using the old system, I could bypass Mk X and Mk XI and go straight to Mk XII. Having to go through Mk X, then Mk XI to get to Mk XII would tick off too many players. After all, why purchase something when the better model is just a few weeks away. Also, if the devs had something like this planned for later on, then they would have warned us about it so that people would use their EDC to purchase Mk XI STF gear rather than just convert it to dilithium or they would face nerdrage later on.
LOL. the old system is not applicable, thus your argument is flawed, no? if things went according to the "old system" then we wouldn't be in this position, would we?

and according to Cryptic/PWE's history, do you really think pissing off a couple more players would really affect them? let's see... lack of pve, equal klingon content and ships, lack of significant content, veteran rewards, etc...

kinda like how the devs warned players to cash in their marks during the dilithium transistion... or how utterly transparent they were with the conversion rate with the borg currencies?

i'm merely posing hypotheticals here based on reasonable assumptions. unless you have something that directly contradicts something i say, then let me pose my hypotheticals and move on. thanks for playing though.