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11-17-2012, 10:52 PM
More realistic abilities to have viably playable roles.

So far everyone is either DPS or Survival. Cant really blame them either, especially with the gimpy heal skills.

You could go tank. But since there is a general lack of teamwork, most tanks are a mixed DPS/Heal kind of tankish cause of the simply fact that there is no healer.

Anyone who actually goes heals has to sacrifice so much in DPS and armor resist, that they will need a true all out tank in order to survive.

But healing in this game sucks. There are not heal based weapons slot gear. the skills them sevles, even if you get ever hull/shield repair skill and even tac buffs to fire on all the others to keep them healed and buffed, the skills are often sharing CDs with others topped off with having long CDs to the point where it will likely be suicide, if you draw agro.

And it is very easy for a healer to draw that agro, especially with no skills except for a couple ground skills that reduce threat.

As this game is now, you simply cannot support the 3 or 4 specs of DPS, Healer, Tank and CC.