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11-17-2012, 10:03 PM
Yes i prefer the season #6 just as it was. (here i whill speak french because it is more easy for me) Crytic ses tirer dans les pied avec cette saison. C'est la plus mauvaise jusque ici. A vrai dire je n'aime rien des modification de cette saison. Il nous on menti sur plusieur sujet qui a trais a cette saison. Moi et ma flotte n'avons plus de plaisir a jouer. A quoi ca sert de jouer a un jeux qui ne procure plus de plaisir? Avant on avais une chance de progresser, maintenant c'est rendu une tache trop ardu pour etre plaisante.

Originally Posted by voporak View Post
Is S7 worth it to you? Are you happy with it? Do you even want to play the game? Can you play the game?

If Cryptic really held a vote, would you say yes or no to temporarily going back to S6 until the devs listen to the community and fix up S7? (I don't know if that's even possible, but if it was would you want them to)

I would say yes to putting it back to S6 for the moment because of 1) Something in S7 is causing my game to not work at all, 2) From the patch notes and what players describe (good, bad, or just informative), S7 is not all that the devs promised. In fact, it's almost a nightmare.

What would you say?