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11-17-2012, 10:11 PM
Personally, no. I like a fair bit of the new content, I don't like other parts of it, that's pretty standard.

Things I wish they'd change are things like the total lack of Dilithium, the one click foundry missions (I know people will dislike me for liking those, but with 9 toons, it came in handy), the timers on the reputation projects need halved... Part of the fun in playing anything, is instant gratification, but most of the STF gear I already had at mark XII, now because of excessively long timers, it's going to take me months to get to the level where I can acquire the last few bits I need.

That said, I like that it's not all down to random chance, I like that New Romulus is an open zone and not all about the "go here and kill 5 groups of {insert name}". I like that they've reduced the requirements for DOFFs on Starbase upgrades (though this still needs brought down further, along with all other requirements as they kill small fleets and make baby pandas cry).

If they could iron out the bugs and sort the excessive requirements and timers on things, then it'd be fine in my book.
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