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11-17-2012, 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by anshra View Post
I would also like to say, that our fleet projects have ground to a cataclysmic halt, as we can no longer obtain Fleet marks from enjoying Foundry missions (as the foundry is disabled)

While this has led to a resurgence in our member base Rp'ing in the Secret World, it could very possibly mean a ghost town fof our STO fleet, if something isnt sorted about Fleet mark acquisition, and fleet mark costs of projects.

Ansrza Tidion@Ansrza,

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I have been playing the game most of the week.... here is one suggestion, collapse the currencies..... I have Omega Marks coming out of my nose. Instead of all these crazy marks, just have Fleet Marks across Omega, Romulan, and Starbase/Embassy projects. I dont have enough Fleet Marks, but i have the other marks that I can't use.... and yes, I am using the Reputation System for the given marks.

In other words, use Fleet Marks for all rewards (and of course Dil) and projects instead of the 3-mark currency mess. I am hearing all over STO the difficulty with getting Fleet Marks.

The fun factor of this game is becoming smaller and smaller.