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Another OMG season 7 thread... starting to get annoying. Y'all are starting to sound like my wife. She like to complains too when she can't get EVERYTHING she wants right away for nothing or when she toils away at something that will never happen for months or years and then realizes she has to start over by doing it a better more steady way.

Vote: NO, as the game will be better in the long run with these changes... especially after the OP and all the others rage quit. Do you know how I know it will be better? Because they have been doing this for a long time and all of you cry babies have zero experience, but Monday morning quarter back the you own the place...

I can tell your of very limited experience I'n mmos
When Fan based mmos like (star trek ) destroy there
Loyal Fan base with bad decisions the game usually
Prime example is star wars galaxies

STO has not went that far and the management is listing
To it's fan base which is VERY positive ( soe ) refused to
Listen and it's CEO was very insulting to the fan base, the mmo
Hopefully the STO will listen to the rumbles and
Readjust it's goals to be more acceptable to it's players

However if you want to quit with your attitude I am
Sure you won't be missed/ farewell .........
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