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11-17-2012, 10:25 PM
This is a very good answer. I agree 100%

Originally Posted by omfg4202 View Post
They abolished all the choices that made the game interesting and appealing to a wide audience. They have deliberately compounded the amount of tedious grind required and removed alternative ways of accomplishing goals.

I used to have fun trying out all the different character builds that might be viable, and happily spent lots of money twinking out all my captains thoughtfully, to my heart's desire. Their crews and ships were fun to outfit, even though it was a lot of work and expense. If I got bored of one aspect of the game, there were plenty of other things to do, all with rewards enough to make them worth doing. I wasn't shoehorned into a single goal nor any single path to accomplish it.

Now I don't even want to login. I mean, why bother? I can't hope to accomplish anything meaningful without investing many months of tedious narrow laborious effort, all for the privilege of paying an exorbitant dilithium fee to craft my own STF loot. What? You obviously think your customer base is completely stupid.

I had just purchased $200 in Zen during the recent sale, and now there's nothing worth spending it on. I'm sure as hell not going to turn it into dilithium to dump into your bottomless money pit. Your greed is insatiable and you are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Meanwhile, my Jedi Sentinel is dual-wielding lightsabers. SWTOR is a truly awful game. The dialog is so bad, it could have been written by Lucas himself. I laugh out loud at how stupid it is but I am having more fun with F2P in that turd of a game than as a Lifetime member in your new vision of Star Trek Online. You have abolished everything I enjoyed doing in STO, and the longer you refuse to do anything about it, the more players are going to jump ship and go play World of Star Warscraft.