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11-17-2012, 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by l0cutus359 View Post
I have been playing the game most of the week.... here is one suggestion, collapse the currencies..... I have Omega Marks coming out of my nose. Instead of all these crazy marks, just have Fleet Marks across Omega, Romulan, and Starbase/Embassy projects. I dont have enough Fleet Marks, but i have the other marks that I can't use.... and yes, I am using the Reputation System for the given marks.

In other words, use Fleet Marks for all rewards (and of course Dil) and projects instead of the 3-mark currency mess. I am hearing all over STO the difficulty with getting Fleet Marks.

The fun factor of this game is becoming smaller and smaller.

That's exactly what was done before, and how we ended up with Dilithium. And yet, we are now returning to the very thing that a universal currency was made to fix. I do see a mish mash of the marks coming sometime, maybe we'll get antimatter or deuterium as a currency and then eventually combine it with Dilithium and end up with a Warp Plasma currency. This is the problem with having too many currencies.