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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
It's not geologically believable. Erosion can create such "potatoes", but the overal look is closer to hills rather than mountains. I know there are polygon limits but with such mountains the relief should be far more sharp with a lot of debris all around.

Something like this :

It's a minor concern since the map is still great; just don't make so many round mountains if you need to save up some polygons because it looks VERY weird, when you know something about geology.

My favourite areas and props are those with the ruins and old buildings (the bridge is great). I really hope we'll se more of that in the future, in the featured episodes!

It's an alien planet, who knows how the geology works there. I had figured the potatoes had more been pushed out of the surrounding rock. No, it's not the same as what we know. But that was the point.
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